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Tom Brady, Hugh Howey, and Me

Fun article I contributed about writing angry. Blog Tour: Carmine by Alan Janney

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Last year (2015) I submitted Infected to Kirkus for a review. It’s EXPENSIVE and often the reviewers don’t like the book. I was hoping to mine one positive sentence out of their vitriol to use for marketing purposes. Instead, they

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You’re getting booed off stage

Fun post I wrote. What does it mean if family/friends don’t finish your manuscript? ‘You’re getting booed off stage’ by Alan Janney, Author of ‘The Outlaw’

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Carmine is done, and undergoing heavy edits.

Did you know the books you pick on Amazon or in the library are usually the fourth or fifth draft of the book? Or more? I recently sent the second draft of Carmine to an editor, and she wasn’t happy

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